Headline: JACK
PS cover (Small)
Posted on 09/01/07 at 20:25
The debut album by Jack "Pioneer Soundtracks" will be re-issued by Spinney in an expanded form on 3rd March 2007. Just over ten years after its original release, the album, named as one of the albums of 1996 by much of the music press, has been augmented by another disc of sixteen tracks incorporating single versions, b-sides, demos and live material from a Paris concert recorded at the Cigale in November of the same year. Together with revamped artwork and a sixteen page booklet, this is a lovingly curated release and is now available to buy solely from this website prior to release for £11.50 + postage and packing.
Artery cover
Posted on 13/06/06 at 14:27
We're delighted to announce that the forthcoming release of the long-delayed compilation of early material from Artery entitled “Afterwards – Recordings From 1979-1983”.

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp had this to say of the band “Once I’d seen Artery that was it. I knew what I wanted to do. I’d never seen anything like that before and I probably haven’t seen it since really. There was the whole intensity of it and that idea that anything could happen,” on the effect of seeing Artery perform for the first time in 1980.

Artery are one of the most unsung of all the Sheffield bands to emerge from the post-punk era. At that time the city was a hotbed of creative activity, with the punk movement having broken down the barriers, leaving room for new and original ideas. Artery were certainly original - unique even - the evidence of which is amply displayed on this compilation of some of the band’s finest moments.

They were to become one of the most important bands on the Sheffield scene for the best part of a decade.

John Peel was a fan of the band and invited them to record two sessions for his Radio 1 show. So impressed were the band by the results they achieved at Maida Vale that some of the tracks were included in the mini-album Oceans and are included here.

Compiled by Simon Hinkler from the band (and later of The Mission), this album includes all the early singles Mother Moon, Unbalanced, Cars In Motion ; The Clown, most of the Oceans mini-album and the excellent and never-previously released INPUT Studios demos. Please do not confuse this album with the recent Cherry Red release “Into The Garden” which was not sanctioned by the band and, confusingly, seemed to have been originally entitled “Afterwards – A Collection”.

Available as a strictly limited edition utilizing the themes of the original artwork of the singles and mini-album, this is the introduction to one of the UK’s most innovative and intense groups of the past twenty years.

As of release on 4th September 2006, you will be able to purchase the album from the Spinney site for £10 + p+p.

Transcargo cover (Small)
Posted on 30/01/06 at 12:21
It is with great pleasure that Spinney are pleased to announce the release of the second album by London's Transcargo entitled "Momentum" on May 8th 2006. The genre-defying tunesmiths follow up their debut album for Trunk with another dizzying array of musical sounds and styles. You can now buy the album via this site for only £10.

Their blend of styles ranging from brass-heavy rhythmic workouts to sombre piano ballads to early 70s AOR is awaiting the arrival of your ears, so order your copy now and be the first on your street to let them into your life.

By the way, Anthony from the band co-wrote some songs on the Mercury Award-nominated album "Arular" by M.I.A.
SLOPE001 label
Posted on 30/11/05 at 13:29
I've found a very few copies of The Memory Band's debut EP which you can order from this site should you fancy it.
AND CD #11 (2002) - NOW
Posted on 28/11/05 at 15:36
A few years back Spinney helped fund three issues (9, 10 and 11) of Comes With A Smile magazine and, in the course of moving house, I found a few spare copies of issue 11 from Autumn 2002. It comes with a free CD of 20 previously unreleased tracks by the likes of Tindersticks, Guided By Voices, The Handsome Family and Grant-Lee Phillips. They were sold at the time for £4.49 but you can have one now for £4.00 plus p and p.

CWAS have advised me that Spinney has the last few remaining copies, so get 'em while you can!