After co-founding the Trunk label that released “The Wicker Man” soundtrack & “The Super Sounds Of Bosworth”, Paul “Boots” Lambden dissolved the partnership at the tail end of the Twentieth Century with a view to going it alone. Following on with the tree analogy the new enterprise was named “Spinney” (OED: /'s pin/ n. pl. –s) small wood; thicket [Latin spinetum from spina thorn]). The plan (the term is used somewhat loosely) was to make available unusual recordings from the past and the future.

Boots had already lined up the first ever re-issue of Vashti Bunyan's “Just Another Diamond Day” for Trunk but took the rights with him to the new label and so, blushing, JADD was shuffled out into the world in July 2000.

Gradually the album began to reach a whole new audience aside from those who had previously been aware of the album's existence. Various contemporary composers and musicians all contacted Spinney with the aim of collaborating with Vashti in some way.

Despite JADD's success, it was over a year before another sapling was unveiled. This was the soundtrack to the 1972 British horror film “Death Line” by Wil Malone. The proto-synth r&b “Main Theme” had always intrigued Boots when the film was occasionally shown on the telly after a night down the pub, so he got hold of ex-The Orange Bicycle mainman and after spending a lovely evening in Wil's attic, emerged grasping the master tapes.

Almost another year later, “Barry Dransfield” was released. As Tapestry Of Delights noted, the album seemed an appropriate companion to JADD: “Along with Vashti Bunyan's “Just Another Diamond Day” this debut solo album, full of beautiful and enchanting folk, is one of the two most sought-after major label folk albums”.

By the end of 2003, Boots had agreed to release an EP of new music by The Memory Band (featuring Steve Cracknell who had also been an erstwhile Trunk partner) and in order to emphasise the fact that this was new music (albeit with traditional elements), it was decided to form a subsidiary label; Hungry Hill (a real hill in Hampshire which has a spinney on top of it). “The Calling On” EP was released on 7” only in January 2003 to great acclaim. A second EP; “Fanny Adams” EP (again only on 7”) came out in the summer of the same year to be followed by The Memory Band album in July 2004.

The next release on Spinney will be an eerie alt-country/folk masterpiece by The Hank Dogs' entitled “Half Smile” which was originally intended to come out on Hannibal Records in 2001. Due to changes at Hannibal's parent company Rykodisc that year, the album was only ever issued as a promo item and was then released in the US the following year on SpinArt (no connection to Spinney). The Spinney version will have two never before released tracks and new artwork.

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