Order FAQ

» Is it safe to order online with Spinney?
Yes. All sensitive financial information is handled by Paypal. Additionally, all order information is encrypted on the site using 128 bit SSL. Just make sure the little padlock is in the bottom corner of your screen and you're protected. A very small proportion of browsers (about 1% - mostly Opera) have a compatibility issue with the secure certification technology we use. If you have any concerns, please use another browser.

» Why paypal?
Paypal offers secure payment in all sorts of forms and is free to the personal customer.

» How quickly can I expect my order to arrive?
We do our best to get them processed and out ASAP. This usually means that orders are sent out within 2 days of reciept. Things can take longer when we've sold through stock of an item and must hold an order until we have stock back in. This wait is usually no longer than 1-2 weeks, but it can take longer if a supplier doesn't ship right away. We send all orders together as one first class package. The time taken for orders from outside the UK will depend on the postal system in the country of delivery.

» My order hasn't shown up. What should i do?
Please email orders@spinneyrecords.co.uk after a reasonable period of time has passed and you think your order may have gone missing. If your order has got lost, don't worry, our policy is to replace any lost or damaged orders. When you email, please have the date your order was placed, your surname or your order number handy. They're all in the confirmation emails you'll receive.

» What are your shipping rates?

Postage rates by format (£):
  UK Europe North America Rest of World
Mid Price LP0.
Mid Price CD0.
7 EP0.

» What if I want/need to return an item I've purchased from you?
We will replace any factory-defective item purchased from spinneyrecords.co.uk with a fresh copy of that title. Please email orders@spinneyrecords.co.uk and tell us the artist, title and format of the defective item, what's wrong with it, and when you bought it. Once the return has been approved by email, send it back to the contact address above; we'll confirm that the item sent back is defective and then send you a replacement copy. If you mail the title back to us, please be sure to pack it well; we can't be responsible for replacing items trashed by our wonderful Royal Mail.

You have several options:
1) A full refund (please note that this is only possible for 60 days after purchase).
2) A replacement copy of the defective item.
3) An alternative item.
4) A credit note to redeem against a future release.

If you gave someone a spinneyrecords.co.uk purchased item as a gift and it turns out it's something they already have, we will accept the unopened/unplayed item for credit on a future order or exchange.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on an item because you don't like it.

» Question still unanswered?
Feel free to email us!